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    Top 10 Benefits of the Ancient Herb Mullein

    Mullein plant

    Since olden days, the leaves, flowers, roots, etc. of many herbal plants have been used for various therapeutic purposes and has prevalently increased over the period. One such herb, called Mullein, whose different parts have therapeutic value and used for treating several health conditions that include inflammation, heartburn, cough, breathless, and other breathing issues. Regularly, […] More

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    Top 10 Most Evil Children in History

    Most Evil Children In History

    Sometimes, children are not as innocent as they look. Shockingly, some of the most brutal murders in history were done by kids. Although the murders might be a result of years of unimaginable abuse, some of these evil children killed with absolutely no clear motive. Here are the top 10 most evil children in history. […] More

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    10 Of The Dumbest Opinions Ever Expressed By “Experts”

    Dumbest Opinions Ever Expressed By Experts

    Everybody makes mistakes, and it’s not hard to see why. The world is a complicated, messy, unpredictable place, and nobody was born with a roadmap. It stands to reason that common people will make lots of mistakes when trying to predict the future. What do we know, after all? – but it’s supposed to be […] More

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    Top 10 Strangest Superstitions From Around The World


    Superstitions are the irrational beliefs in the supernatural that leads to either good or bad luck. Ever since the existence of the human kind, superstitions have been around. They are different in every culture, and they have played a big role in each of these cultures and societies. Superstitions create fear and terror within people, […] More

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    10 Things Some Plants Do That Plants Should Never Do


    Everybody knows what plants are. They’re those boring green things that always die because you forgot to water them. They don’t do much. Mostly they sit around and get eaten by the cat, or if you’re lucky they bloom with a flower every so often or drop an apple from a branch. Some of them […] More

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    10 People Who Mysteriously Vanished Into Thin Air


    It’s always a tragedy whenever a person goes missing. Thousands of people go missing around the world every single day. Sadly, not all of them are found. Despite modern technology that has made it easier to locate missing people with social media awareness, some cases still remain a mystery to this day. Here are 10 […] More

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    Top 10 Creepiest Ghost Towns In The World

    ghost towns

    Ghost towns are deserted towns that were once filled with inhabitants like any other place. But sometimes, whether it’s because of a tragedy or an unexplainable reason, people decide to abandon their homes forever. These towns have become an adventure for those who seek a thrill. Check out the Top 10 Creepiest Ghost Towns. 10. […] More

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    10 Of The Weirdest Religious Movements In History

    10 Of The Weirdest Religious Movements In History

    Human beings seem to have a built-in need for some kind of religion. Ever since the first proto-human felt the hair on his neck stand up right before a lightning strike, our ancestors have been almost indecently eager to lunge for the first supernatural explanations that came to mind. Which would be fine, but over […] More

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    10 Of The Most Dangerous Drugs In The World

    Krokodil-most dangerous drugs

    Say no to drugs, kids. Just say no. This injunction is a public service message from List Gecko because we care about you. Now – assuming you’re going to blow off that advice the way you do with the daytime TV commercials with the same message, take this one to heart at least: Say no […] More

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    Top 10 Of The Cruellest Rulers Ever In History

    Ivan the Terrible

    A quick glance at history for the cruellest rulers ever reveals that cruelty isn’t a new trait of humanity. The annals of rulership from a thousand years back and beyond reek of cruel savages. Hopelessly cruel men and women who delight in causing immense pain or suffering to others have probably been around since the start of the human race. […] More

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    10 Of The Craziest Saints Who Were Ever Canonized

    Roman Catholic Church canonized saints

    The Catholic Church has a lot of saints. A lot. There are so many saints that even the Church, which has a written record of its doctrines and personnel decisions going back to the Roman Empire, doesn’t know for sure what the correct number is. It’s at least 10,000, if that helps, though that estimate […] More

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