Top 10 of the Strangest Places on Earth

These destinations are especially suited for those looking for an exciting adventure, yearning for a travel experience beyond usual, and looking for extraordinary occurrences.

10 Really Ungodly Christian Beliefs and Practices

The Bible is the Christian’s guide book. However, it is full of laws, doctrines, taboos, and practices engraved in the Holy book that the majority of Christians around the world would agree are ungodly. The Bible can be a scary book to explore.

10 Most Shocking Cases of Modern-Day Cannibalism

For whatever reason, there is no explanation for the level of deprivation that forces a man to eat others. That said, we still have to deal with these ten shocking cases of modern-day cannibalism.

10 Things The Film Bohemian Rhapsody Got Wrong

Not everything in the flick chronicling the wild ride that was Freddie Mercury’s life when he was rocking out with Queen is how it went down and there are ten things to respectfully point out.

10 Creepy Urban Legends That Will Scare You to Death

These spooky, chilling and creepy urban legends are a nightmare material and are not for the faint of heart.

10 Anticipated Movies That Were Completed but Never Released

For whatever cause, every time a trailer release is followed by silence, fans are left in suspense. These are ten most anticipated movies never released.

10 of the Most Famous Con Artists and Their Schemes

People gets famous for different things. The ‘confident men’ listed below are some of the most famous con men known throughout history for their attempted, creative and sometimes successful schemes.

10 Deadliest Engineering Disasters That Shocked the World

The trial and error projects of early engineering projects such as the Vasa taught the new generation engineers to build more reliable structures but even then, some catastrophic disasters are still linked to poor engineering.

Top 10 of the Worst Prisons in the World

Prisons are homes to the most dangerous criminals around the world. However, humanity at its lowest form can be found within the walls of these worst prisons in the world.

10 of the Most Unusual Restaurants in the World

Dine in peach darkness or from a toilet bowl or with the dead. Whichever you fancy, next time you desire a unique culinary experience, here are the top ten most unusual restaurants from around the world to choose from.

10 of the Most Evil Female Cult Leaders of All Time

When you think about cults and their devilish ways, you imagine they would be led by men. Well, not in all cases. These evil female cult leaders have single-handedly led the cruelest cults around the world, dehumanizing, molesting and killing the innocents.

10 of the Creepiest Wikipedia Pages That Will Shock You

Wikipedia is undoubtedly one of the most useful websites on the internet. However, you will find some articles that are creepy and downright eerie thereon.