Major Marvel Heroes Who Must Appear in MCU Phase 4

Avengers 4 will be arriving I theaters next year, but already fans are speculating which of their favorite characters will be making their way into the Marvel Films. Phase brought the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-man into the spotlight. Also, they outdid themselves with Phase 3 reintroducing Spider-Man to the world for the third time and defying all expectations with Black Panther. So it is safe to say, there will be some pretty impressive additions to the roster in the next phase.[

So far the tone has been set for some big moves in the MCU. The Quantum Realm looks to be a huge factor, and the Cosmos seems to be expanded on in Captain Marvel, so there are many possibilities right out the gate. The Fox merger has implications on the next batch of good guys to enter the shared universe. We also know that some of the longer-running characters will be hanging up their hero fatigues once the fourth Avengers film comes to a close. Understanding all this here are ten heroes that need to join the ranks of the Universe of Marvel Character.

1. Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Kahn

Captain Marvel will touch down in theaters before Avengers 4 next year and with that will present a ton of new opportunities for Marvel to focus on in Phase 4 and beyond. The story will unveil more of the Marvel Cosmos and will introduce several new Marvel characters. One hero, in particular, could get their film down the road is Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Kahn is a teenage Pakistani American from Jersey City, New Jersey with shapeshifting abilities. She assumes the mantle of Ms. Marvel from her idol, Carol Danvers after Danvers becomes Captain Marvel. In the comics, she gets her superpowers via Terrigenesis, so it is possible her MCU counterpart is already powered up, but we have yet to meet her. She is Marvel’s first Muslim character to headline her comic book and could be the first to headline her film in Phase 4. While this is all still speculation, Marvel Studios head honcho himself Kevin Feige has confirmed that there are in fact plans to bring the character Kamala Khan to the big screen.[1]

2. She-Hulk

Everyone knows that the Hulk is a complicated guy and sometimes getting him to show up isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. Everyone remembers his diva-like antics during Infinity War that forced Bruce Banner to don the Hulk Buster armor so that he could be a factor in the fight against Thanos. So the Avengers may need to call up another green smash happy hero from the minor league to give it a go in the big leagues. She-Hulk is just as incredible as her male counterpart and could perhaps assist Banner in bringing the big guy out from hiding if he can’t snap out of it in Avengers 4.[2]

With rumblings of an all-female Avengers team-up film in the works, the character of She-Hulk is a natural choice to put in the lineup. Marvel has been making big moves with its roster of ladies with inclusions such as The Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Gamora, Valkyrie and a Captain Marvel film on the way, bringing She-Hulk into the field would help balance out the team. Plus how awesome would it be for Black Widow to be going Toe-to-Toe with a Celestial and tell him “We have a She-Hulk.”

3. Moon Knight

It’s no secret that MCU plans to put a lot more focus on the cosmic in its fourth phase. So the introduction of Moon Knight isn’t entirely out of the question. The character started out as a guy named Marc Spector, but one day ended up at an archaeological dig that happens to uncover an ancient temple dedicated to the Egyptian moon god. After he is left for dead in the desert, he is brought by moon god worshipers to the temple where he becomes a host for the moon god on Earth, gaining specific abilities. If that isn’t’ cosmic, I’m not sure what is.

Marvel has recently stated that Moon Knight will become part of its cinematic universe after the event of Avengers 4. Kevin Feige then clarified this that nothing was set in stone, but Moon Knight is very much in play. However, this also could be a misdirect to keep from any potential spoilers leaking out. Either way, fans want to see Moon Knight join the MCU and if Marvel says it is in the works, there is a good chance we’ll be seeing him sooner than later.[3]

4. Silver Surfer

While it has been suggested that the characters from Fox won’t end up in Phase 4, looking back at how quickly the landscape can change at Marvel, it’s not crazy to think some of those characters may get a light introduction. With the future of Guardians of the Galaxy in question and the focus being set forth on the cosmic side of Marvel in the next phase, anything is fundamentally possible; this includes the arrival of the Silver Surfer.

After the characters rocky start in films with that sub-par Fantastic Four movie, it makes sense that Marvel would want to ease him back into the spotlight. Since this arc in Infinity War was given to Banner in warning Earth about Thanos, its possible The Silver Surfer could be used to bring attention to another threat. That could be a multitude of things, up to and including warning of Adam Warlock attempting to exact revenge on the Guardians of the Galaxy for their crimes against the Sovereign. That is just a theory but illustrates the point that Silver Surfer could quickly be brought in as a supporting character in Marvel’s next phase.[4]

5. Namor

During an awards screening for Black Panther, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige revealed several things about the future of the MCU. One of which was the status of Namor, the Sub-Mariner joining their shared universe. While the character’s rights have long belonged to Universal like the Incredible Hulk it seems that the infamous underwater hero could make an appearance, the question is if and when? Feige believes there is a way to figure it out and we all should believe him, considering he was the brainchild behind Ant-Man entering the MCU, which ended up being a solid entry that spawned a great sequel.[5]

DC is super excited about the release of Aquaman, and it seems fans are as well. With Namor being the equivalent of the Atlantean under Marvel’s banner it makes sense that the studio may follow suit and expand its universe to the depths of the ocean. We know they’re a going cosmic heavy in Phase 4, but it is not crazy to think the could end up underwater face to face with the one and only Sub-Mariner. Namor in Phase 4 would be a great time to bring the iconic character to the big screen.

6. The Fantastic Four

Disney will soon have access to one of Marvel’s properties that have had some severe issues when receiving the movie treatment. It will be the third try for the Fantastic Four franchise in recent years. These previous iterations haven’t resonated well with fans or critics. However, luckily for us, Marvel studios have proven they have mastered the art of third times a charm with Spider-Man. Homecoming was a huge success, and the character has a highly anticipated sequel, Far From Home set to release after Avengers 4.

Easing the infamous comic foursome back into the cinematic game is probably a good idea, but there are many possibilities. It is not hard to see Bruce Banner seeking out the help of Sue Storm and Reed Richards for an experiment. It isn’t crazy to believe that Falcon’s old street racing buddy is Johnny Storm. Moreover, I know for a fact that everyone agrees that seeing Hulk go head-to-head with The Thing would be the stuff of legends. Don’t expect a Fantastic Four movie to occur, but be on the lookout for their characters to begin to emerge in Phase 4.[6]

7. The X-Men

Once news of the Fox-Disney deal broke, the first thought on everyone’s mind is when will the X-Men finally join the ranks of the worlds most popular shared universe in film. The speculation heightened when news of Dark Phoenix’s release date was pushed back for reshoots, and this led some to believe retweaking was done to assist in the Marvel transition. That was eventually debunked, but before you get too upset, there are still some other factors to consider.

Marvel is always two steps ahead when building their universe. They’ve gone as far as putting Easter Eggs for Black Panther all the way back in Iron Man 2. It has been suggested that we will have to wait for the mutants to arrive but knowing how Marvel does things it is safe to say their presence will be heavily hinted at to prepare fans for their arrival. Moreover, don’t be surprised if some of your favorite mutants make some surprise cameos or even pop up in some post credit scenes gearing up things for Phase 5. It’s not an option; fans need this to happen.[7]

8. Nova

Guardians of the Galaxy introduced the Nova Corps in 2014, and ever since then, MCU fans have been begging Marvel Studios to bring Nova into the fold. Even though we learned that Xandar was decimated, it doesn’t mean all of the Nova Corps was destroyed. We later learned that Valkyrie and some Asgardians escaped Thanos’s grasp early on in Infinity War, so it isn’t impossible to survive the Black Order. It could set up Nova touching down in the MCU during Phase 4.

The cosmic corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be the name of the game in the upcoming phase and its hard not to think of Nova when going to the deep reaches of space. Kevin Feige has stated that a Nova movie has immediate potential. Whether they choose the Richard Rider arc or go with the Sam Alexander version, there is no denying that fans would find Nova a welcomed addition to the MCU. Also, since Nova appeared in an early draft of the Guardians of the Galaxy script, it means Phase Four is the perfect time for him to make his presence known finally.[8]

9. Stature

The Ant-Man films have introduced several characters into the MCU but none more exciting for Phase 4 than that of Cassie Lange. Yes, that’s right, Scott Lang’s very young daughter could become a big part of the MCU moving forward, especially after some Avengers 4 casting news. The upcoming mega Marvel mashup has cast 16-year-old actress Emma Fuhrmann who will be playing an older version of Ant-Man’s daughter. This could either mean there is a significant time jump between the 4th Avengers film and Infinity War or the rumors of Time/Dimensional travel could be right.

Lange could end up becoming Stature, her hero alter-ego in the comics. She was a member of the Young Avengers after the death of Scott and has size-changing abilities just like him. Moreover, if Kevin Feige thinks a Young Avengers movie with Cassie Lang would be cool as he has previously stated, then we could easily see her help launch a whole new superhero team. This Stature theory is further solidified by the fact that at the end of Ant-Man and The Wasp, Scott’s daughter showcased an interest in one day becoming a superhero. It looks like that day will come in Phase 4.[9]

10. Adam Warlock

There is no question that Adam Warlock is one of the most beloved characters in Marvel Comics. The MCU has teased the arrival of one of their fan favorites in both Guardians of the Galaxy films. Warlock’s cocoon could briefly be seen in the first film in The Collector’s warehouse. Then a post credit scene fro the sequel showed Warlock was in possession of the Sovereign, who have the Guardians of the Galaxy on their hit list for stealing from them. With Thanos snapping everyone to dust in Avengers: Infinity War, many fans think it will be time in Phase 4 for Warlock to hatch from his cocoon and join in the fight.[10]

Both Warlock and Thanos have a complicated history within the pages of Marvel comics., especially when it comes to the story of the Infinity Gauntlet. While the films told that story differently, it doesn’t mean we won’t see the infamous hero rise. He is one of the only other beings in the MCU that can wield the Infinity Gauntlet. So he could be a major factor moving forward when it comes to the Mad Titan. Also, let us not forget about the Guardians of the Galaxy, The Sovereign will be sending Warlock his way, and if that third film does happen, you can bet we will be getting some Warlock in the MCU one way or another.


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