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Get paid to write for List Gecko. We publish fresh, original and intriguing top ten lists for our readers every day and we need help with that. Just put a fantastic list like others on this site together, send it in and get paid. Simple. No experience required.

Earn $25 Per List Submission

We will pay you $25 USD per article you write for us. We do not expect you to be an expert or professional writer before you can write and get paid by us—all we require is excellent English writing ability, a captivating writing style, and plenty love for unusual or intriguing things.

You will need to write your list of 10 items per list, send it to us; we will reply and say “Awesome—we’ll publish it.” We will then pay you $25 USD via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please create one, it is easy and free. If we will not publish your article, we will let you know. Don’t forget that your lists should be one or two paragraphs per item at least.

Our editor will read your list, and if it is fantastic, it will be published to our readers, and you will be paid.

Please note that we do not have alternative methods of payment for now. Therefore, if PayPal does not support your country of residence, do not send your list to us as we cannot pay you.

The Rules Are Simple

  1. Your list must be original. That means it has to be 100% yours. We do not accept copied content, infographics, slideshows, or “re-blogged” content. We will check your work for originality using tools like Copyscape.
  2. Your submissions must comply with the highest standard of English and should not be less than 1,800 words.
  3. You may choose any topic that interests you.
  4. There must be 10 items on your list, and each piece should have one or two paragraphs each.
  5. We require you to link to reputable and verifiable sources for each item on the list so that we can verify the facts contained.
  6. What our readers love to read the most are strange and offbeat stories, hidden knowledge or facts, misconceptions, shocking history and exciting things that people don’t know about. Those are the kind of lists we are most likely going to pay for.
  7. We are not accepting lists on gaming, sports, personal stories, and self-help for now.
  8. When you send in your list, you don’t need to include images or videos. However, if you prefer to add some of your own supporting imagery or videos, include a link to the YouTube page or a URL of the picture you like with each item on your list. We may not end up using them, but we will take a look at them for consideration.
  9. If you want to promote your blog, a book or social media account; include links to them in your short biography.
  10. Check out our Lists of Interest below if you need list ideas. If you are not writing from the suggested lists, be sure to have a search through the site to avoid double-ups. We will not publish your list if a similar one already exists.

Lists of Interest

The “Lists of Interest” is a compilation of list ideas that we believe our readers would love. We have created this to help you with ideas and increase the chances of getting your work published on List Gecko. Feel free to ignore the list and write on something different, as long as it is original, well-written, bizarre or intriguing enough. However, be sure to have a search through our site to see whether or not the idea you want to write about has not already been published.

    1. Ways to Prove That God Doesn’t Exist
    2. Bare Facts About Nudism
    3. 1990 Mecca Tunnel Tragedy
    4. Devastating Stories Involving the Nigerian Prince
    5. Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories
    6. Facts About World War 1
    7. Voodoo
    8. Interesting Facts About Canada
    9. Silly Wine Facts You Should Know About Wines
    10. Best Reasons to Believe That God Exists
    11. Creepy Reddit Stories/Confessions
    12. True Cheating Revenge Stories
    13. Surprising Dinosaur Facts
    14. Creepy Coincidences
    15. Disturbing Photos From the Past

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