Top 10 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Ever Filed

“Why just order a pizza, when you can get a restraining order for the delivery guys, make them come to you, sue them, and get all the profit?” ― Will Advise

10 of the Most Shocking Cases of Mistaken Identity

“Don’t confuse me for that other girl, She’s a fraud and a fool. Don’t confuse me with anyone else, I am not anyone other than myself.” ― Maddy Kobar

Top 10 of the Worst Prisons in the World

“…a kingdom of death and madness. The fact that such a place existed is a shame, not only on Syrians but on all humanity.”

Top 10 Biggest Unsolved Heists in History

“The petty thief is imprisoned but the big thief becomes a feudal lord.” ― Zhuangzi, The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu

Top 10 Most Notorious Serial Killers Arrested in the 21st Century

The likes of Jack the Ripper turned serial killers into perpetual evil that haunt people for years. Every time any of these evil people are arrested, the streets become safer. These are the ten most notorious serial killers brought to justice this century.

Top 10 Most Powerful Criminal Organizations in the World

“The biggest criminals that I have met in life are working for the government. They make mass murderers look like amateurs.” ― Steven Magee

10 Most Elusive Terrorists in the 21st Century

The joy of knowing that one terrorist has been brought to justice is always welcome. But these are the most elusive of terrorists in this young century.

10 Most Shocking El Chapo Crimes of All Time

El Chapo’s evil is a miracle in the criminal underworld. Here are the ten most shocking crimes that made El Chapo the most dangerous man in the world.

10 Nasty Drug Traffickers that Escaped American Justice

The war on drugs and drug traffickers is still America’s longest and most expensive war so far. Is the government losing the war to contain this problem?

Top 10 Most Evil Children in History

Sometimes, children are not as innocent as they look. Shockingly, some of the most brutal murders in history were done by kids. Here are the top 10 most evil children in recorded human history.