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Human beings are for a fact considered the most intelligent animals on earth. The ability for a human to remember past events and predict future happenings make human beings the smartest animals on earth. Also, the ability to solve problems by thinking critically and the ability to communicate using different words in a language puts humans in the most intelligent beings category. However, science is slowly but surely putting an end the notion that human beings are the only savvy animals on earth.

Studies on different animals exhibiting excellent and witty characteristics have proved that some animals other than humans are for a fact intelligent. Some of the traits that show the levels of intelligence in animals include the ability to reason, remember and self-awareness. Some animals can perceive danger from many miles away and detect sounds from unimaginable distances. Other animals like dogs can learn and adapt to certain behaviors by learning from the trainer and the Gorilla can change moods from being happy to being sad. A Gorilla Foundation in the U.S reported a rare case of a gorilla that went quiet and sad when he was told about the death of his master.[1] Below are the top 10 most intelligent and smartest animals in the world.


smartest animals Chimpanzees

History is not the only study to link and compare humans with the primates. Science as well puts humans an edge close to the primates. Research has shown that chimpanzees are the most intelligent animals on earth after humans. The similarities between humans and primates have made chimpanzees the center of research interests by the scientist. One of the traits that make chimps look intelligent is environmental consciousness. A research study revealed how chimps have ecological awareness. In this study, which is referred to contingency, the chimps were put in front of a mirror to observe how they would react to seeing a reflection of them. Unlike any other animals, the chimps responded positively by acknowledging the reflection to be theirs and started exploring their bodies like checking on their armpits. Other animals would confuse a reflection on the mirror to be that of a stranger.

Another trait portrayed by chimps is the ability to make a decision. Chimpanzees use their brains to try and figure out a solution to a problem. They observe the environment, weigh their abilities and make informed and wise decisions. This type of intelligence has helped chimps survive by being able to figure out how to get food and where to get it. A study by primate research institute showed an incredible fact that chimps could remember events. The chimps successfully identified numbers from 1-9 they had been thought. Chimps also communicate with each other. They do so vocally. When a chimp is in trouble or needs help, they use gestures asking for help from their fellow chimps. The gestures include facial expressions, postures, and sounds. Another thing is that chimps can modify and use tools like stones, sticks, and grass to harvest honey and harvest fruits.[2]


smartest animals Dolphins

The Dolphins are considered the savvy animals in the water. The mind-boggling brain size of 1600 grams compared to 1300 grams of humans make them incredible creatures. This size of brain equips them with traits associated with humans. These include the ability to make informed decisions, consciousness and social traits. The mother dolphins give birth and take care of their babies until they are old enough. The super unique brain cells called spindle neurons enable them to exhibit exceptional abilities like decision-making abilities, ability to remember, ability to adapt to a new environment and ability to critically reason.

Research also has revealed that dolphins have the capabilities to communicate. They can interact and communicate with each other. Like the chimps, dolphins also use tools. They grab sponges by their mouths and go hunting for fish with it. They use the sponges to wake up and trap fish hiding in the sandy sea beds. In some fishing places like India, Brazil, and Myanmar, dolphins have joined efforts with fishers to catch fish for years.[3][4]


smartest animals Elephants

Elephants are not only the biggest animals in the jungle; they are also savvy of the forest. Research shows that elephants have a brain size of five kilograms with some elephants exceeding that mark slightly. This size of the brain makes them intelligent animals on earth. Elephant’s brain is made up of thick cortex which has many neurons giving them the ability to think and adapt to new environments. Newborn elephants do not know how to survive but learn survival tactics as they grow up. It takes baby elephants close to ten years for them to be considered adults.

Another portrait of intelligence in elephants is their ability to relay emotions. Elephants mourn when one of their members dies or is injured. They do this by gently poking the dead using their trunks. Like the apes, elephants can also recognize themselves when put in front of a mirror. Also, elephants have impressive problem-solving skills like using sticks and twigs to scratch themselves. The elephants are also known to be the doctors of their own. They can find medicine in the jungle to heal their ailments.[5]


smartest animals Whales

A whale is for a fact one of the biggest marine mammals. It is also one of the most intelligent animals on earth. The sperm whale boasts of the largest brain. It has a brain of 8,000 cubic meters in size compared to 1,300 that of a human being. Like the dolphins, whale’s brain is made up of thick cortex with a large number of neurons. Whales can communicate by clicking and or whistling. Each whale is said to have its unique sound which makes it easier for them to identify each other’s sound. Whales also can create rhythmic songs/melodies. Whales use these communication skills to alert other members of danger, play, show their abilities and to invite others to share found dinner.

To add, whales use facial expressions and body gestures to communicate. Some of these body gestures include; spy hoping, touching, breaching, charging and lob tailing. Whales also can recognize fellow whales and interact socially. They move together in groups when hunting for food and often attack their enemies as a group. Like humans, whales also care for their young ones.[5][6]



Octopus is a fantastic invertebrate both on land and sea. The eight-limbed cephalopod makes it into the category of the most intelligent animals on earth. Research has shown that an octopus has ten thousand more genes than humans with a total of thirty-three thousand genes. Like any other smart animals, octopuses communicate with other octopuses by using a camouflaging technique, body patterns and flashing. Octopuses also exhibit the ability to learn and remember events. Research done showed that octopuses tested by training them to distinguish shapes and patterns could do so after training.

They also use tools to help them execute activities they cannot manage on their own. They can pick, drop and arrange stones, shells, and plastics in a bid to create a shelter for themselves. Octopus also can think and act quickly when in trouble. Research showed that a caged octopus tried to free itself by squeezing its body through a tiny space. This shows their ability to solve problems. And because of their super intelligence, these invertebrates enjoy protection rights by the European Union.[7][8]


Dogs also are the most intelligent animals on earth. They are one of the animals domesticated by man. Their intelligence is attributed mostly to them living with human beings. Various researches have been conducted on dogs to test their ability to learn, remember and how they see their environment. The dog’s sense of smell has been summed up to include hearing, seeing, taste and touch. Researchers believe that a dog can locate the earth’s magnetic field by sensing. A dog can differentiate a fellow dog from other animals no matter the breed, size or shape. They can also learn new skills through observation or training by a human being.

They can remember and practice what they have been thought. The little puppies learn from their mothers or older dogs. Dogs also respond to instructions given to them. It will run towards the direction of a finger, unlike wolves. When trained, they can learn and remember up to 350 words. They can remember the names of objects and even respond to their names when called. To add, dogs also can be emotional. They can feel jealous and happy. Dogs depend on humans to help them solve a problem. When they encounter a problem, they look up to a human hopefully for help.[9]



Like the chimps and the elephants, pigs are also undoubtedly the most intelligent animals on earth. Pigs have portrayed intelligence in various ways. One of these is that a pig can remember a past event. It can remember its way back to their shelter from the grazing fields. They also exhibit emotional awareness. They can feel when loved and can get afraid.

A study at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom concluded that a pig could identify itself on a mirror and not mistake the reflection on the mirror for another pig. A study showed that a pig could play a video game way better than the chimpanzees. One super-intelligent pig named Amy emerged as the “top dog” in Seattle agility class.[10][11]



The corvids family members are considered the most intelligent birds on earth. Crows attribute their super intelligence to their big brains. Researchers have compared a crows reasoning ability to that of a seven-year-old kid. That’s super incredible for a crow! A research was done by scientists where a thirsty crow was given a task of raising the volume of water in a jar by dropping heavy objects inside. The crow amazingly picked objects that can sink in water rather than objects can float. Crows also can remember faces. Research shows that a crow can hold a grudge and pass it along to others.

They will gang up together and attack their common enemy. Surprisingly, crows mourn their fellow crows when they die. When one of their members dies, they come together and mourn by producing sad rhythmic sounds. Also, crow’s ability to use tools is incredible. The fact that they can look for an object and drop it inside a jar shows how powerful their brains are. They make curved tools to help them pick food from places out of their reach.[12][13]



Ants are one of the tiniest and smallest creatures on earth, but their brainpower is mind-boggling. They are categorized as one of the most intelligent insects on earth. One of the intelligence traits on ants is that they use tools just like the other smart animals. They use soil grains and grass to collect food and also make their shelter. Ants also use pheromones in them to mark food paths. That’s why when an ant finds food and returns to the nest, the rest of the ants will follow the route taken by the first ant to go and collect more food.

Ants can also perceive and respond to changes in their environment. When it rains, and there are floods, they use their bodies to form raft which will enable them to float. They will have the queen at the center for maximum protection. Surprisingly, ants gain experience as they age. Older ants will locate food faster than young inexperienced ants.[14][15]


smartest animals Bees

Bees are also the smallest intelligent insects on earth and make up the category of the most intelligent animals on earth. Bess does not need rocket science to prove their intelligence. It’s quite evident in their way of living. Bee’s tiny brains enable them to understand their environment and respond to any changes. Bees also can learn and copy a behavior. Bees also like any other animals, communicate. They do so using body gestures like a dance.[16][17]


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